Ghost Town: Bodie

Toroda (Bodie) is located about 12 miles south of the Canadian border in Okanogan County. The name Toroda was the name of a nearby creek. Toroda was established in 1898 as a milling town and everyone worked for the Perkins Milling Company. A ten stamp mill processed the ore from the Golden Reward, Bodie and the Elk Mines.
Gold was discovered in Bodie Creek in 1896  and the original town of Bodie was established a mile or so south of this location at the mouth of Bodie Creek. There was a blacksmith shop, livery barn, restaurant, general store, and a few homes all made of logs.
When gold was discovered at Toroda Creek in 1898 the town was moved to the present location. They called the town Toroda. A sawmill was moved into Toroda and mostly all the buildings were made of cut lumber. The Toroda Post Office was built in  1898. One year later the Post Office changed its name to Bodie and the town was once again called Bodie. The Post Office closed in 1911. The town of Bodie continued to prosper until the 1930's when the mill and the town was shut down.
Boarding House
Ghost Town: Wauconda

The Wedge brothers laid their first claim near  the soon to be  town of Wauconda. The three brothers were from Wauconda, Illinois. By 1900 the town had a population of 300. In 1901 gold was running out so the town's people simply picked up and moved to a more promising site. In 1929 a new highway (Route 20) was built but bypassed the town. So once again shopkeepers packed up and moved beside the highway.
Today Wauconda is a farming and ranching community. Rusted machinery and abandoned mines are a reminder of the once busy times in Wauconda.
Community Hall
Community Church
Community Outhouse
Conmmunity Church
Sea to Sky Gondola

The Sea to Sky Gondola is located about 2 miles south of Squamiah BC. It was completed in 2014 at a cost of $22 million and situated between Shannon Falls and the Stawamus Chief. The cable car takes you from the base camp to the summit in 10 minutes.
The base camp is 115 feet above sea level and the summit is 2900 ft above sea level.
The length of the gondola is 6300 ft and the vertical rise is 2790 ft.
Summit Lodge sits on a ridge northwest of Mt. Habrich. Here you can view Howe Sound and surrounding area. Next to the viewing area is a 328 foot suspension bridge. From the Summit Lodge there are many trails for all types of hiking enthusiasts.
Watch a video on The Sea to Sky Gondola
Stonerose Interpretive Center and fossil site
Stonerose Interpretive Center and fossil site is located in Republic, Washington. The fossils  are from organisms that lived millions of years ago. The area that is now the city of Republic was once an ancient lake. The fossils include fish, leaves, insects, twigs and bird feathers. The Boot Hill Fossil Site is a short walk from the interpretive center. Public digging is allowed with a permit.

From Eholt the CPR ran a line to the Denoro Junction (Emma Mine) through  the Athelston Junction and on to the Hartford Junction. From the Hartford Junction a spur line continued to the Winnipeg Mine, while the main line switched-back and climbed back to Phoenix. Another spur line also ran to the Golden Crown Mine. Later  the switch-back was replaced with a loop back to Phoenix. The line was completed to Phoenix in May of 1900.
Hartford was named after the Hartford Mines in the area. John Rogers and H.J. Jones owned the Hartford, Hartford fraction, Ranger, and the J. & R. fraction.
In August of 1899 John Dorsey moved from Gladstone to Hartford Junction and built a hotel. In September of 1900 Dorsey sold the Hartford Hotel to  William Buker a former owner of a boarding house at the BC Mine. Mr. Buker then built another hotel nearby and called it the Clifton. In 1902 Buker sold the Hartford Hotel to Joseph Bassett who had some claims in the area. Then in 1903 the former owner of the Union Hotel in Phoenix bought the Clifton Hotel and within a year it closed down. The Hartford Hotel burnt down in 1914 and Bassett continued to work mineral claims in the area.
Hartford Junction
Hartford Junction Today
Hartford Hotel,

                                                              Hartford Junction, BC

This hotel, which is new, is located at the junction of Phoenix and Winnipeg branches of the CPR. All the railway traffic for these camps must pass through Hartford. Give us a call.

                                                                   John Dorsey, Prop.
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