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In 2008 we moved to Greenwood BC. Since then we have been exploring in the Boundary district, and have discovered that this area is very rich in history. We enjoy touring around the countryside, searching ghost towns, old abundant mines, and natural attractions. This part of the country is filled to the brim with such attractions. As we explore and search such attractions we would like to share our experiences with you.  Please check our website on a regular basis, since we will be updating our information and photos as we experience them.  Don’t forget to email us and leave a comment.      Vic & Monika

Some activities described on this site are dangerous and could result in injury or death. We, and anyone affiliated with this site, do not encourage these types of activities.  If you choose to take part in any of these activities, you do so entirely at you own risk. We will not be held responsible for any and all claims resulting from your actions. Reading or viewing any parts of this site indicates that you accept these terms.

Ghost Towns, Lost Places
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Special Projects & Events
Ghost Mines & Camps
*The Providence Mine
*The Gold Bug Claim
*No. 7 & White's Camp
*The Skomac Mine
*The Othello Tunnels
*The BC Mine
*Spotted Lake
*Oro Denoro Mine & Deadman's Gulch
*The War Eagle Mine & Camp
*Boundary Falls Limestone
*Midway BC & The Railroad War
*Goldfinch & Area Mines
*Lime Kiln Trail
*Golden Eagle Mine & Camp
*Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Plant
*Son Ranch Logging Museum
*Coal Creek Trail
*Rock Mountain Catholic Church
*Shannon Falls
*The Grist Mill
*Denoro Crossing
*Emma Mine
*CPR Train Wreck
*Boundary Falls
*Lost City of Paris
*Cascade City
*Anaconda & The Smelter
*Crafts by Monika
*Hydrogen Cell
*Homebuilt Welder
*Homemade Smoker
*Rock Creek Market
*Homemade Fire Logs
*Christina Lake BC
*Homebuilt CD Player
*Building a Fuel Vaporizer
*Homemade Flour Grinder
*Homemade Battery Charger
*1984 Dodge Prospector
*1973 Scamper Travel Trailer
*Homemade Fruit Crusher & Press
*Building a Mountain Dulcimer
*Making Apple Cider Vinegar at Home
*Ford Duraspark Conversion to HEI
*1987 Sprinter Class A Motor Home
*Deadwood Camp
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*Building a Sign for Midway BC
*Rock Oven at the GNR Camp
*Greenwood Hostory
[History of Greenwood][2010 Adventures][More adventures of 2010]
[Adventures of 2011][Adventures of 2012][Adventures of 2013]
[Adventures of 2014][Adventures of 2015][More adventures of 2015]
*Olympic National Park
*Making Charcoal
Tramway Bore
*Rock Creek
*Kettle Valley
*Britannia Mine
*1981 Suzuli LJ80
[Adventures of 2016][More adventures of 2016]
*Hartford Junction
[Spare Time Projects]
[Ukrainian Christmas & Winter Solstice]
*Rock Collection
*Ghost Town Artifacts
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*Bodie Wa.
*Wauconda Wa.
*Sea to Sky Gondola
*Stonerose Interpretive Center & Fossil Site
*Gold Rush in BC
*108 Mike Ranch
*Cottonwood House
*Van Winkle
*Haynes Ranch
*O'Keefe Ranch
*Molson Wa.
*Miette Hot Springs
[Adventures of 2017]
[More Adevntures of 2017]
*Leavenworth Wa.
*Wellington Train Disaster
*Tumwater Dam
*Hope Slide
*Winthrop Wa.
*Cashmere Museum & Pioneer Village
*Newhalem & Gorge Dam
*Rebuilding a Rochestor Quadrajet
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*Building a bike rack
*How they crush cars
[Special Out House For Sale]
[Adventures of 2018]
*The Doukhobors
*Greenwood Flood 2018
*Fructova School Museum
*Pictographs of the Boundary
*Rebuild Delco Alternator
*Rebuild GM Starter
*1985 Vangaurd Motorhome
*Scare Crow Mania
*Hot Rod Show
*Rock Creek Parade 2017 Canada 150
[Adventures of 2019]
*Kimberley, BC and the Sullivan Mine
*Cominco Gardens
*Cranbrook Train Museum
*Fort Steele Historic Center
*Welld Grey Provincial Park
*Wood Carvings in Hope, BC
*Sasquatch Caves And Museum
*Kilby Historic Center
*Hiking Trails in Midway, BC
*Rebuilding a TBI
*Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
*The Rawhide Mine
*Crystal Gold Mine
[More Adventures of 2019]
*Delco CS130 Rebuild
*The Monarch Mine
The Awesome Duo
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