Our Homemade Smoker/Cooker
No matter how empty a propane tank is it still has vapour in it…any little spark and KABOOM your history!
If you do not have experience working with propane tanks, DO NOT attempt to cut into any propane tank, because they will blow up in your face.
If you choose to take part in any of these activities, you do so entirely at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any and all claims resulting from your actions. Reading any parts of this site indicates that you accept these terms
Here you can see how I built a smoker/cooker from two propane tanks. The lower tank is the firebox and the upper one is where you do the smoking or cooking.  The two dampers control the amount of smoke or heat that rises to the upper grille. From there the smoke goes up the chimney. In the firebox you can add different types of hard wood to get different flavours. I also put a tray of wet chips under the grill in the upper chamber.
Fire box
A video on the smoker/cooker
Home built CD player
Here is something you can do with some old computer parts.

Parts you will need:

*Set of old computer speakers
*A CD disk drive
*Power supply

First take the part that plugs into the motherboard and find a green wire and a black wire that are next to each other. Cut them both and splice them together.
Plug one power cord from the power supply into the disk drive.
Plug the speakers into the speaker/headphone jack
Plug in the power to the speakers and to the power supply and your done!
Play CD’s
Watch this video on home built CD player
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